The Bully Free Classroom (Клас без булінгу)


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The Bully Free Classroom (Клас без булінгу)

Автори Allan L.Beane, Ph.D.
Рік видання
Мова Англійська

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Over 100 Tips and Strategies for Teachers K-8

Every school day, students are teased, intimidated, harassed, and hurt by other students. Bullying is a big problem – and you can do something about it. This shows you how.

Inside, you’ll find more than 100 prevention and intervention strategies you can start using immediately. All are easy to understand and simple to implement; most require or no advance preparation and few or no special materials.

You’ll discover how to:

  • create a classroom environment where everyone feels safe, accepted, and valued
  • establish and communicate a zero-tolerance policy for bulling
  • identify and empower students who are current or potential victims of bullying
  • identify current or potential bullies – and turn them around
  • act quickly and effectively when you learn of a bullying incident
  • communicate with parents and get them involved in making your classroom bully free
  • mobilize the masses – witness and bystanders – to become bully busters
  • and much more

Your students will learn how to:

  • stick up for themselves and each other
  • break the code of silence and report bullying incidents
  • treat each other with kindness and respect
  • build self-esteem, empathy, and social skills
  • resolve conflicts appropriately and effectively
  • take responsibility for their behavior
  • explore positive ways to feel powerful
  • and much more

Positive, practical, ready to use, The Bully Free Classroom can make any classroom a place where students are free to learn with confidence and without fear.

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  1. Дякую за цю чудову книгу! У ній я знайшля для своєї роботи корисні, а найголовніше, практичні інструменти, конкретні опитувальники. Інколи здається, що ми ж теж таке робимо: і про правила говоримо, і про наш простір. Але те, як сформульовано запитання у цій книзі – заслуговує додаткової уваги. Дещо переклала, адаптувала і провела зі своїми учнями. Далі буде…


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