Learning Teaching (Навчаючись вчити)


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Learning Teaching (Навчаючись вчити)

Автори Jim Scrivener
Рік видання
Мова Англійська

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A really practical introduction to teaching English as a foreign or second language, Learning Teaching is the essential guide for your first years as a language teacher and an invaluable resource for teacher training courses. It helps you to understand the basic principles of working in a language classroom, shows you how to plan successful activities, lessons and courses and offers hundreds of immediately usable ideas and techniques to involve your students. Whether you starting out or more experienced, this book helps you to develop the awareness and skills you need to become an even better teacher.

New Edition

For the new edition, the text has been expanded, revised and updates in line with current methodology and practice.

The first edition won the ARELS Frank Bell Prize

  • Practical guidance for English language teaching
  • Clear introductions to all key language teaching topics
  • Teaching ideas and activities to use in your lessons
  • A survival guide for your first lessons
  • Photocopiable resources

Jim Scrivener is an English language teacher who also tutors on initial training, Diploma and specialist teacher development programmes. He has taught and trained in many countries, including Georgia, Hungary, Kenya, Romania and Russia.


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