The Schools Our Children Deserve (Школи, яких заслуговують наші діти)


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The Schools Our Children Deserve (Школи, яких заслуговують наші діти)

Автори Alfie Kohn
Рік видання
Мова Англійська

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“If you’re a parent or a concerned citizen, this book ought to be on your list.” – Washington Times


because they have lowered their standards and strayed too far from the basics? Just the opposite: if American students are getting less than they deserve, it’s due to simplistic demands to “raise the bar” and an aggressive nostalgia for traditional teaching.

Alfie Kohn, the author of critically acclaimed works on such subjects as competition and rewards, now turns the conventional wisdom about education on its head. In this landmark book, he shows how the “back to basics” philosophy of teaching treats children as passive receptacles into which forgettable facts are poured. Likewise, shrill calls for Tougher Standards are responsible for squeezing the intellectual life out of classrooms. Such politicized slogans reflect a lack of understanding about how and why kids learn, and they force teachers to spend time preparing students for standardized tests instead of helping them to become critical, creative thinkers.

Kohn has ambitious yet practical vision of what our children’s classrooms could be like. Drawing on remarkable body of research, he helps parents and others interested in education understand the need to move beyond a “bunch o’ facts” model of teaching. Using stories from real classrooms, he offers surprising insights as he shows how this can be done.

The Schools Our Children Deserve presents a fresh perspective on today’s headlines about education – and on what our children will be asked to do in class tomorrow morning. It is a persuasive invitation to rethink our most basic assumptions about schooling.


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