How Languages Are Learned (Як вивчаються мови)


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How Languages Are Learned (Як вивчаються мови)

Автори Patsy M. Lightbown, Nina Spada
Рік видання
Мова Англійська

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This series is designed to provide a source of reference for both language teachers and teacher trainers. Each title is intended to serve both as a basis for courses and seminars, and as a longer-term reference text for the working teacher’s bookshelf.

How Languages are Learned  third edition

This is a thoroughly updated edition of this prize-winning, readable introduction to the main theories of first and second language acquisition.

–         Relates theories of first and second language acquisition to classroom methodology and practice

–         Discusses practical implications for the classroom, using activities and projects

New for this edition:

–         Explores recent theories such as skill learning, connectionism, and the ‘noticing hypothesis’

–         Includes more on current theories of first language acquisition and early bilingualism, and factors affecting learning such as motivation and learning styles

–         Includes a greater variety of ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds in a fully revised classroom learning section

PATSY LIGHTBOWN is Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics at Concordia University, Montreal.

NINA SPADA is Professor in the Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning, Modern Language Centre, OISE/University of Toronto.

Reviews of previous editions:

‘A sensible book mercifully free of jargon.’

Panel of judges, Duke of Edinburgh Book Competition

How Languages are Learned is an absolute “must have” for every teachers’ room, and I would go so far as to say, if a teacher reads only one ELT book in the next six months, this should be the one’.

ELT News, Japan


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